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client testimonials

Praise from life and leadership coaching clients 



Working with Carolyn was a joy-filled and productive experience. I always found it energizing to work with Carolyn, even after a long and tiring day.

While Carolyn found the positive progress in my every action she would also point out the road blocks in a way that I could hear and take up willingly. 

Working with Carolyn, I felt that I would get to a place of vulnerability that allowed me to release resistance and move forward.  I would find part way through the hour that I had lost track of time, as I would be immersed in our work and fully present to whatever we were doing, not thinking about whatever else was going on around me and no longer energetically tired.  I often felt cleansed at the end of our sessions, with new homework to further the continuing work.

 – Victoria M, Alexandria, VA



Carolyn is an open, compassionate, non-judgmental, warm and extremely helpful coach. Carolyn helped me with two primary issues. The first was making a change to my career and the second was improving my time management skills. She gave me the tools I needed to find answers on these issues and to get on the right path. I would strongly recommend working with Carolyn. 

– Jenn M, New York, NY


Carolyn understood me and how to best reach and help me. She brings a naturalness to her work as a coach. She is able to perfectly balance tough personal challenges and practices with nurturing support and encouragement. With her help, I have developed new tools and skills to continue in my personal work and growth.  

 – Patrick C, Silver Spring, MD




Carolyn has such an accepting grace and openness to her approach
that I felt as though I could tell her anything. It was like talking with
a close friend though we had only just met. The way that I was seen and
heard during our sessions helped me to unravel deeper truths within
myself. Carolyn has a true talent for coaching and is a gift to those who
have the opportunity to work with her!  

 – Kelly D, Portland, OR

Coaching over a few months with Carolyn was very enlightening – her approach is simple and effective. She helped me focus on breaking down the steps to make my dreams and life goals a reality. Carolyn’s guidance gave me peace of mind in my first steps in relationships, and helped me calm my nerves and build confidence in myself and my career. Thank you, Carolyn, for helping me to find the pieces of the puzzles in my life.

– Rance C, Alabama